November 26 2022

”Thanksgiving” Good News of 1939

Good News of 1939 "Thanksgiving"

November 24, 1938 on NBC 

November 17 2022

Burns and Allen ”Thanksgiving” Hallmark ”Pete’s Thanksgiving”


Burns and Allen "Thanksgiving" November 18, 1940 NBC

The Hallmark Playhouse "Pete's Thanksgiving" March 6, 1947 CBS 

November 10 2022

Railroad Hour ”Music In The Air” 1949 ”Little Nellie Kelly” 1950

The Railroad Hour "Music In The Air" October 24, 1949 NBC
The Railroad Hour "Little Nellie Kelly" March 13, 1950 NBC AFRS rebroadcast 

November 4 2022

Lights Out ”Death Robbery” Quiet Please ”Clarissa”

Lights Out "Death Robbery" July 16, 1947 ABC

Quiet Please "Clarissa" April 19, 1948 Mutual

October 27 2022

Lights Out ”The Flame” Suspense ”Dunwich Horror” Arch Oboler ”Chicken Heart”

Halloween Theme 

Lights Out The Flame March 23, 1943CBS Suspense "The Dunwich Horror" November 1, 1945 CBS 
Arch Oboler's "Chicken Heart" from Drop Dead, his LP of radio scripts

October 20 2022

Hermit’s Cave ”Author of Murder” ”Lost Man’s Bluff” Arch Oboler ”The Dark”

The Hermit's Cave "The Author Of Murder" May 02, 1937 WJR Detroit World Syndication 
The Hermit's Cave  "The House On Lost Man's Bluff" 1940 World Syndication 
Arch Oboler's famous 8 minutes of terror entitled "The Dark" 

October 14 2022

Lights Out ”Knock at the Door” ”It Happened”

Lights Out "A Knock at the Door" December 15, 1942 CBS 
Lights Out "It Happened" May 11, 1938 NBC

October 6 2022

”The Birds” Lux Radio Theater 1953 CBS

Lux Radio Theater "The Birds"

July 20, 1953 CBS AFRS rebroadcast

story by Daphne Du Maurier 

September 29 2022

Suspense ”Ozzie and Harriet” 47 ”Flesh Peddler” 57

Suspense "Too Little to Live On" December 26, 1947 CBS starring Ozzie Nelson and Harriet Hilliard 
Suspense "Flesh Peddler" August 4, 1957 CBS

September 22 2022

Ozzie and Harriet ”Glamour Contest” 44 ”Bing Crosby Visits” 53

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet "Glamour Contest" November 19, 1944 CBS AFRS rebroadcast
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet "Bing Crosby Visits" December 11, 1953 ABC

September 15 2022

Father Knows Best ”Should Women Work” ”Remembering Names”

Father Knows Best "Should Women Work" September 25, 1952 NBC
Father Knows Best "Remembering Names" September 10, 1953  NBC  

September 8 2022

”Alias Jimmy Valentine” Lux Radio Theater 1936

Lux Radio Theater "Alias Jimmy Valentine" November 09, 1936 CBS

Starring Pat O'Brien who sings The Charlady's Ball


September 1 2022

”Saturday’s Children” Lux Radio Theater 1936 Olivia de Havilland

Lux Radio Theater "Saturday's Children" October 26, 1936 CBS starring Olivia de Havilland

August 25 2022

”The Plutocrat” Lux Radio Theater Wallace Beery

Lux Radio Theater "The Plutocrat" September 28, 1936 CBS Wallace Beery in a Booth Tarkington story

August 18 2022

”The Curtain Rises” Lux Radio Theater

Lux Radio Theater "The Curtain Rises" October 12, 1936 CBS starring Ginger Rogers

August 11 2022

”The Vagabond King” Lux 1936

Lux Radio Theater "The Vagabond King" August 17, 1936 CBS

August 4 2022

Lux ”Chained” 1936 Joan Crawford

Lux Radio Theater "Chained" July 27, 1936 CBS

Starring Joan Crawford and Franchot Tone

July 28 2022

Lux Radio Theater ”Irene” starring Jeanette MacDonald

Lux Radio Theater "Irene" June 29, 1936 CBS

Starring Jeanette MacDonald

July 21 2022

Best Play ”Summer and Smoke” starring Geraldine Page

Best Play "Summer and Smoke" May 22, 1953 NBC starring Geraldine Page and Richard Kiley

July 14 2022

Studio One ”A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”

Studio One "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" October 7, 1947 CBS

July 7 2022

Studio One ”An Enemy of the People” May 13, 1947 CBS

Studio One "An Enemy of the People" May 13, 1947 CBS

by Henrik Ibsen

June 30 2022

Fourth of July Cavalcade ”Tom Jefferson” Magnificent Montague ”July 4th Picnic”

Cavalcade of America "Young Tom Jefferson" May 25, 1942 NBC
The Magnificent Montague "Fourth of July Picnic" June 30, 1951 NBC starring Monty Woolley 

June 23 2022

Studio One ”Earth and High Heaven” CBS 1947

Studio One "Earth and Heaven" December 1, 1947 CBS Geraldine Fitzgerald and Mercedes McCambridge

June 16 2022

Fathers Day A Date with Judy 1947 and Jack Benny 1940

Father's Day
A Date with Judy "Father's Day Present" June 10, 1947 NBC
The Jack Benny Program "Father's Day" June 16, 1940 NBC

June 8 2022

Burns and Allen ”Income Tax” and Spike Jones with Dorothy Lamour and Hildegarde

Burns and Allen "Income Tax" first broadcast March 15, 1950 on CBS
Corn's a Poppin' with Spike Jones, Dorothy Lamour and Hildegarde rebroadcast over AFRS
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