February 20 2020

Lux Radio Theater “Spellbound”

Lux Radio Theater "Spellbound"  March 8, 1948 CBS   
 starring Joseph Cotten and the Italian star Valli

February 13 2020

Mr and Mrs North “Russian Restaurant” “Contagious Confessions”

The Adventures of Mr and Mrs North "The Russian Restaurant Murder" February 3, 1943 NBC  
The Adventures of Mr and Mrs North "The Contagious Confession" September 22, 1943 NBC  

February 5 2020

Richard Diamond Tom Waxman Bombing and Lynn Knight Case

Detective and Crime Series
Richard Diamond, Private Detective "The Tom Waxman Bombing" June 26, 1949 NBC

Richard Diamond, Private Detective "The Lynn Knight Case" August 6, 1949 NBC 
Starring Dick Powell

January 30 2020

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar “Loyal B Martin” “Dead First Helpers”  1950 CBS

Detective and Crime Series
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Murder of Loyal B. Martin" February 3, 1950 CBS  
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Dead First Helpers" April 11, 1950 CBS

January 24 2020

Lux Radio Theater “The Maltese Falcon” February 8, 1943 CBS 

Lux Radio Theater "The Maltese Falcon" February 8, 1943 CBS

starring Edward G Robinson

January 16 2020

Crime Classics “Colonel James Fisk, Jr.”  ”The Incredible History of John Shephard” CBS

Crime and Detective Series
Crime Classics "The Checkered Life and Sudden Death of Colonel James Fisk, Jr." June 29, 1953  CBS 
Crime Classics "The Incredible History of John Shephard"  February 2, 1954 CBS 

January 9 2020

Sam Spade “Calcutta Trunk” “Vendetta Caper”

Radio Detectives
The Adventures of Sam Spade "The Calcutta Trunk Caper" June 8, 1947 CBS  Howard Duff as Spade 
The Adventures of Sam Spade "The Vendetta Caper" March 30, 1951 NBC Steve Dunne as Spade

January 2 2020

Lux Radio Theater The Lady in the Lake 1948

Lux Radio Theater "The Lady in the Lake" February 9, 1948 CBS 

December 26 2019

The Jack Benny Show 391231 The Henry Morgan Show 470101 

New Years Theme 

The Jack Benny Show December 31, 1939 NBC
The Henry Morgan Show January 1, 1947 ABC  

December 19 2019

Xmas Our Miss Brooks “Magic Tree” 50 Bing Crosby 50 CBS

Christmas Theme
Our Miss Brooks "The Magic Christmas Tree" December 24, 1950 CBS
The Bing Crosby Show December 20, 1950 CBS

December 12 2019

Shadow Stockings Were Hung Family Theater Juggler of Our Lady

The Shadow "The Stockings Were Hung" December 24, 1939  Mutual 
Family Theater "The Juggler of Our Lady" Christmas Day 1947 Mutual

December 5 2019

Pearl Harbor Bergin and McCarthy Judy Garland Eleanor Roosevelt Eyes Aloft

Pearl Harbor Day Tribute
Chase and Sanborn with Bergin and McCarthy December 7, 1941 NBC guest starring Judy Garland
Eleanor Roosevelt speech December 7, 1941.    
Eyes Aloft December 7, 1942 NBC  

November 28 2019

Elgin Thanksgiving Greeting to America November 25, 1948 NBC 

Elgin Thanksgiving Greeting to America November 25, 1948 NBC  

Starring Mario Lanza, Jimmy Durante, Andre Previn, Jack Benny, Martin and Lewis, Red Skelton, The Mills Brothers and many more

November 21 2019

Thanksgiving Honest Harold Lum and Abner Answer Man

Honest Harold "Thanksgiving Play" "The Courtship of Miles Standish" November 22, 1950 CBS   
Lum and Abner November 23, 1944 ABC   
The Answer Man November 28, 1946 Mutual 

November 14 2019

Lux “Vacation from Marriage” May 26, 1947

Lux Radio Theater"Vacation from Marriage" May 26, 1947 CBS  starring Deborah Kerr

November 7 2019

Lux Radio Theater “The Egg and I”

  Lux Radio Theater "The Egg and I" May 5, 1947 CBS 

October 31 2019

Halloween Arch Oboler “The Dark” “Mirage” Lights Out “Come to the Bank” 

Arch Oboler Halloween

Arch Oboler "The Dark" short recording 

Arch Oboler's Plays "Mirage" September 6, 1945 Mutual 
Lights Out, Everybody "Come To The Bank" November 17, 1942 CBS  

October 24 2019

Halloween Suspense The Pit and the Pendulum CBS Great Gildersleeve NBC


Suspense "The Pit and the Pendulum" first broadcast January 12, 1943 on CBS  

The Great Gildersleeve "Halloween Party"  first broadcast October 31, 1943 on NBC

October 20 2019

Halloween Suspense ”The Devil’s Saint”"A Friend To Alexander” 

Halloween Suspense "The Devil's Saint" "A Friend To Alexander" 

October 10 2019

The Chase and Sanborn Hour December 13, 1931 NBC Eddie Cantor  

The Chase and Sanborn Hour December 13, 1931 NBC  starring Eddie Cantor and David Rubinoff 

October 3 2019

Chase and Sanborn with Edgar Bergen and WC Fields

The Chase and Sanborn Hour May 9,1937 NBC Red  
Starring  Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, WC Fields, Rodgers and Hart, Dorothy Lamour, Don Ameche and Ann Harding

September 26 2019

Lux Radio Theater “The Day the Earth Stood Still” January 4, 1954 CBS

Lux Radio Theater "The Day the Earth Stood Still" January 4, 1954 CBS

September 20 2019

2000 Plus  ”Men From Mars”  “The Green Thing” 1950

Science Fiction 

2000 Plus  "Men From Mars"  March 29, 1950  "The Green Thing" September 9, 1950 Mutual

September 11 2019

Tom Corbett, Space Cadet “The Missing Rocket Scout” January 8 and 10, 1952

Tom Corbett, Space Cadet "The Missing Rocket Scout" January 8 and 10, 1952 ABC  based on a novel by Robert A Heinlein

September 5 2019

X Minus One “The Moon is Green” “Pyrigi’s Wonderful Dolls”

X Minus One "The Moon is Green" "Pyrigi's Wonderful Dolls"  

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