October 29 2020

Halloween Lights Out “Speed” “Paris Bal Macabre” CBS

Lights Out "Speed" January 5, 1943 CBS  
Lights Out "Paris Bal Macabre" March 9, 1943 CBS
written by Arch Oboler

October 22 2020

Suspense “Frankenstein” “The Diary of Sophronia Winters” CBS

Suspense "Frankenstein" June 7, 1955 CBS 
Suspense "The Diary of Sophronia Winters" August 10, 1958 CBS 
starring Mercedes McCambridge

October 15 2020

CBS Radio Mystery Theater “Masque of the Red Death”  Arch Oboler’s “The Dark” from a 1962 LP

CBS Radio Mystery Theater "Masque of the Red Death" January 10, 1975

Arch Oboler's "The Dark" from a 1962 LP

October 8 2020

Our Miss Brooks “Halloween Party”  Ozzie and Harriet “Haunted House”

Our Miss Brooks "Halloween Party" October 30, 1949 CBS starring Eve Arden

Ozzie and Harriet "Haunted House" October 31, 1948 NBC 

October 1 2020

The Henry Morgan Show “First Show” 1946 “Guest Stan Freberg” 1947

Here's Morgan The Henry Morgan Show September 2, 1946 ABC First Show in the Series
The Henry Morgan Show October 29, 1947 ABC Guest star Stan Freberg

September 24 2020

The Martin and Lewis Show Lucille Ball 48 Marlene Dietrich 52

The Martin and Lewis Show April 3, 1948 NBC with guest star Lucille Ball

The Martin and Lewis Show with March 21, 1952 NBC guest star Marlene Dietrich

September 17 2020

Amos ‘n’ Andy  “with Ethel Waters” “Live from the New York World’s Fair” “Efficiency Expert” “Sam’s Speech at the Lodge”

Amos 'n' Andy with guest star Ethel Waters first broadcast January 28, 1944 on NBC  
Amos 'n' Andy "Live from the New York World's Fair" first broadcast February 27, 1939 on NBC Red Network
Amos 'n' Andy "Efficiency Expert" first broadcast January 15, 1929 WMAQ Chicago
Sam and Henry "Sam's Speech at the Lodge" from May 27, 1926 on WGN Chicago

September 10 2020

The Aldrich Family “Girl Trouble” “Pigeon Coops”

The Aldrich Family "Girl Trouble" October 17, 1939 NBC 
The Aldrich Family "Pigeon Coops" February 20, 1940 NBC 
starring Ezra Stone

September 3 2020

A Date With Judy “Father’s Birthday” A Date With Judy “Playing Hooky”

A Date With Judy "Father's Birthday" August 1, 1944 NBC 
A Date With Judy "Playing Hooky"  May 4, 1948 NBC

August 27 2020

The Judy Canova Show  “Back to the Farm”  45 “Quiz Show” 46

The Judy Canova Show  "Back to the Farm"  June 30, 1945 NBC
The Judy Canova Show "Quiz Show" June 8, 1946 NBC  
Co-starring Ruby Dandridge and Mel Blanc

August 20 2020

My Friend Irma “Irma Meets Jane”  “Planning a Vacation”

My Friend Irma "Irma Meets Jane" Lewis broadcast April 11, 1947 CBS  
My Friend Irma "Planning a Vacation" June 21, 1948 CBS 
starring Marie Wilson and Cathy Lewis

August 13 2020

Our Miss Brooks “School Board” “Cure That Habit”

Our Miss Brooks "School Board" first broadcast September 11, 1949 on CBS  
Our Miss Brooks "Cure That Habit" first broadcast January 15, 1950 on CBS
Starring Eve Arden

August 6 2020

My Favorite Husband Lucille Ball “Messy” “Baseball”

My Favorite Husband "Baseball" September 16, 1949 CBS  
My Favorite Husband "George is Messy" June 4, 1950 CBS  Starring Lucille Ball and Richard Denning

July 30 2020

Blondie “Fanny Brice as Baby Snooks” 441008 ”Alexander the Actor” 500216

Blondie "Fanny Brice as Baby Snooks" October 8, 1944 CBS
Blondie "Alexander the Actor" February 16, 1950 ABC  

July 23 2020

Joan Davis Time “Al Jolson” “Xavier Cugat”

Joan Davis Time guest starring Al Jolson January 20, 1950 CBS

Joan Davis Time guest starring Xavier Cugat March 27, 1948 CBS  

July 16 2020

Red Skelton Show with Ozzie and Harriet, Wonderful Smith

The Raleigh Cigarette Program Starring Red Skelton October 28, 1941 NBC  Ozzie Nelson and Harriet Hilliard, comedian Wonderful Smith
The Raleigh Cigarette Program Starring Red Skelton March 24, 1942 NBC Spring Cleaning theme

July 9 2020

Bob Hope “Cleveland” “Jackie Robinson”

The Bob Hope Show March 19, 1946 NBC guest Ohio Governor Frank Laushe

The Bob Hope Show October 11, 1949 NBC guest Jackie Robinson after World Series

July 2 2020

The Fred Allen Show “King for a Day” Jack Benny “Movie of Fred’s Life” George Jessel

The Fred Allen Show "King for a Day" May 26, 1946 NBC  guest star Jack Benny
The Fred Allen Show "Movie of Fred's Life" January 20, 1946 NBC guest star George Jessel

June 25 2020

The Stan Freberg Show “Teenage Werewolves” “Sponsored by Freberg”1957 CBS 

The Stan Freberg Show "Teenage Werewolves" October 6, 1957 CBS  
The Stan Freberg Show "Sponsored by Freberg" October 13, 1957 CBS  

June 18 2020

The Jimmy Durante Show “Don Ameche and Vera Vague” “Victor Moore and Peggy Lee”

The Jimmy Durante Show April 24, 1950 NBC  Vera Vague and Don Ameche
The Jimmy Durante Show February 25, 1948 NBC Victor Moore and Peggy Lee

June 11 2020

Burns and Allen “Al Jolson” 47 ”Gregory Peck” 49 NBC  

The Burns and Allen Show "15th Anniversary with Al Jolson" February 20, 1947 NBC  
The Burns and Allen Show  "Gregory Peck" January 6, 1949 NBC 

June 4 2020

Fibber McGee and Molly “Old Muley”  ”5th Anniversary Show”

Fibber McGee and Molly "Old Muley" May 7, 1946 NBC  

Fibber McGee and Molly "5th Anniversary Show" April 16, 1940 NBC

May 28 2020

The Jack Benny Program “Casablanca” “Brazil” 1943

The Jack Benny Program  spoof of "Casablanca" October 17, 1943 Jack plays Brazil on violin October 31, 1943 NBC

May 22 2020

Studio One “The Kimballs” April 6, 1948 CBS starring Franchot Tone and Mercedes McCambridge 

Studio One "The Kimballs" April 6, 1948 CBS starring Franchot Tone and Mercedes McCambridge 

May 14 2020

Studio One “Hay Fever” June 3, 1947 CBS by Noel Coward

Studio One "Hay Fever" June 3, 1947 CBS by Noel Coward

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