November 28 2013

Elgin 7th Annual All-Star Thanksgiving Show 1948

Elgin 7th Annual All-Star Thanksgiving Show 11-25-48 Don Ameche, Mario Lanza, Garry Moore, Jimmy Durante, The Mills Brothers, Vera Vague, Andre Previn, Jack Benny, Frances Langford, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, The Bickersons, Red Skelton, Robert Ambruster, and Ken Carpenter.  11-25-1948 NBC


November 22 2013

Thanksgiving Game The Great Gildersleeve and Life of Riley

The Great Gildersleeve "Thanksgiving Game" Harold Peary 11-27-1945 NBC The Life of Riley "Father in Law Trouble" William Bendix 11-19-1948 NBC


November 15 2013

Thanksgiving Father Knows Best and The Abbott and Costello Show

Father Knows Best "Thanksgiving Show" Robert Young 11-23-1950 NBC The Abbott and Costello Show "Thanksgiving Day" 11-25-1943 NBC


November 7 2013

Aldrich Family and Our Miss Brooks Thanksgiving

Aldrich Family 11-23-1952 NBC "Thanksgiving Turkey" Our Miss Brooks starring Eve Arden 11-19-1950 CBS


November 1 2013

MGM Theater of the Air Anna Karenina 12-09-1949

MGM Theater of the Air "Anna Karenina" Marlene Dietrich 12-09-49


October 24 2013

Halloween Mystery Show

Arch Oboler "The Dark" from LP Drop Dead! An Exercise in Horror 1962, Quiet Please "The Thing on the Fourble Board" Wyllis Cooper and Ernest Chappell 8-9-1948 Mutual Network, Suspense "The Hitchhiker" by Louise Fletcher starring Orson Wells 9-2-1942 CBS


October 17 2013

Our Miss Brooks Halloween Inner Sanctum The Man Who Couldn’t Die

Our Miss Brooks "Halloween Party" starring Eve Arden 10-30-1949 CBS Inner Sanctum "The Man Who Couldn't Die" 2-12-1946 CBS


October 10 2013

Jack Benny Trick or Treat Inner Sanctum Shadow of Death

The Jack Benny Show "Jack Benny Goes Trick or Treating" 11-2-1952 CBS Inner Sanctum "The Shadow of Death" Richard Widmark 10-2-1945


October 3 2013

Theater Guild on the Air Macbeth Dame Judith Anderson

Theater Guild on the Air "Macbeth" by Shakespeare starring Dame Judith Anderson and Maurice Evans broadcast 5-11-1947 ABC


September 27 2013

Theater Guild on the Air Boy Meets Girl

Theater Guild on the Air sponsored by United States Steel "Boy Meets Girl" starring Gene Kelly, Frank Lovejoy and Ruth Gilbert 5-26-1946


September 20 2013

Lux Radio Theater Fancy Pants starring Bob Hope

Lux Radio Theater "Fancy Pants" starring Bob Hope and Lucille Ball 9-10-1951


September 12 2013

Bob Hope with Bing Crosby on Kraft, The Paleface with Jane Russell

Bing Crosby Kraft Music Hall with Bob Hope and Marilyn Maxwell NBC 4-13-1944 Screen Directors Playhouse "The Paleface" Bob Hope and Jane Russell NBC 3-30-1950


September 5 2013

Bob Hope Tribute

Bob Hope Tribute with monologues on Command Performance USA 1942-44, The Big Show with Tallulah Bankhead 12-17-50, and Philco Radio Time with Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour 1-29-47


August 29 2013

Hear It Now Edward R Murrow News Magazine


August 23 2013

Lux You Can’t Take It With You

Lux Radio Theater "You Can't Take It With You" 10-02-1939


August 16 2013

Judy Garland Bob Hope and General Electric

Tribute to Judy Garland on radio continues with Judy on The Bob Hope Show March 7, 1939 and substituting for Bing Crosby on the General Electric program on October 30, 1952


August 9 2013

Judy Garland in Wizard of Oz

Lux Radio Theater "Wizard of Oz" Judy Garland 12-25-50 CBS


August 1 2013

Lux Judy Garland in Meet Me in St Louis

Lux Radio Theater "Meet Me in St Louis" Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brien


July 25 2013

Lux: Judy Garland in A Star is Born

Lux Radio Theater "A Star is Born" Judy Garland, Walter Pidgeon 12-28-42 CBS

June 28 2013

Judy Garland on Screen Guild

Screen Guild Show. (Variety)  Premiere. George Murphy, M,C. 1-8-39 CBS  
Screen Guild Players "For Me and My Gal" Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Dick Powell 3-22-43

June 7 2013

Orson Subs for Jack Benny

Jack Benny Program (Grapenuts) "Gang Visits Orson at Studio" NBC 3-21-43 Jack Benny Program (Grapenuts) "Red Riding Hood sketch" NBC 3-21-43

May 16 2012

Marian Anderson and Jackie Robinson

Mirian Anderson's Historical Concert at the Lincoln Memorial April 4, 1939. Greetings by Harold Ickes, Sec. of Interior; Ms. Anderson sings "America"; Donizetti aria; Schubert's "Ave Maria"; Intermission; Three spirituals: "Gospel Train" "Trampin' " "My Soul is Anchored in the Lord" NBC 4-4-39 NBC

Destination Freedom "Rhyme of the Ancient Dodger" honoring Jackie Robinson by Richard Durham. Stars Oscar Brown, Jr. and Studs Terkel NBC (WMAQ Chicago) 11-21-48

April 26 2012

Repost: Vic and Sade Tribute #1

1. Trip to Carbury 9-9-39; 2. Rush the party host 3-3-38; Bacon Sanwiches 8-14-40; Photo with R.J. Kronk 4-6-40 NBC

April 25 2012

Vic and Sade Tribute #2

1. Sade volunteers for Rush 1939 2. Hot soup for Vic 10-23-40; 3. Uncle Fletcher to meet one o'clock train; 4. Honorary titles for sale; 5. Momentos and souvenirs; 6. Vic makes marching team NBC

April 20 2012

CP: Dick Tracy in B Flat

Command Performance USA "Dick Tracy in B Flat" Harry Von Zell, announcer. Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore, Jerry Colonna, Bob Hope, Frank Morgan, Judy Garland, Andrew Sisters, Jimmy Durante, Frank Sinatra, and Cass Daley. Major Meredith Willson, conductor. 2-15-45 AFRS

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