April 16 2014

Mickey Rooney Tribute

Screen Guild Theater with Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland and Cary Grant September 24, 1939

Suspense "Stepmother" starring Mickey Rooney April 28, 1949

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April 11 2014

Red Skelton “Looking Well” “Daylight Savings”

Red Skelton Raleigh Cigarette Program “It Pays to Look Well” first broadcast May 21, 1946 on NBC.

Red Skelton “Daylight Savings Time” broadcast February 17, 1942 on NBC. Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Hilliard, Wonderful Smith

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April 3 2014

Burns and Allen “Jack Benny” “Marlene Dietrich”

Burns and Allen with guest star Jack Benny first broadcast January 8, 1948 on NBC

Burns and Allen “George Has a Cold” guest star Marlene Dietrich first broadcast March 17, 1949 on NBC

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March 28 2014

Burns & Allen “Frank Sinatra” & “Crime Wave”

Burns and Allen Maxwell House Coffee Time “Getting Frank Sinatra to Leave Town” 11-7-1946 NBC George Burns and Gracie Allen with guest star Frank Sinatra

Burns and Allen Maxwell House Coffee Time “Crime Wave” 3-20-1947 NBC

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March 20 2014

Edward R Murrow Hear It Now “Truman Fires MacArthur” 4-13-51

Edward R Murrow presents Hear It Now "President Truman Fires General MacArthur" 4-13-1951 CBS

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March 13 2014

Shirley Temple #4 Lux “The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer”

Shirley Temple Tribute #4 Lux Radio Theater “The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer” Shirley Temple and Cary Grant 6-13-1949 CBS

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March 6 2014

Shirley Temple #3 Lux “Kathleen”

Shirley Temple Tribute #3 Lux Radio Theater “Kathleen” December 27, 1943 CBS

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February 27 2014

Shirley Temple #2 “First Love” “The Blue Bird”

Tribute to Shirley Temple #2 Screen Guild Theater “First Love” 5-14-1945 CBS Shirley Temple, Arthur Treacher and Peter Lawford Screen Guild Theater “The Blue Bird” 12-24-1939 Shirley Temple and Nelson Eddy

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February 21 2014

Shirley Temple #1 Lux “The Littlest Rebel”

Shirley Temple Tribute Lux Radio Theater “The Littlest Rebel” 10-14-40 CBS Shirley Temple, Claude Rains, and Preston Foster

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February 13 2014

Charlie McCarthy Dick Powell, SGT Hello Frisco

The Charlie McCarthy Show with Edgar Bergen November 13, 1949 CBS Dick Powell is the guest star, featuring Jim Backus

Screen Guild Theater “Hello, Frisco, Hello” April 3, 1944 on CBS. Ginny Simms, Dick Powell and Jack Oakie

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February 7 2014

Richard Diamond “Fixed Fight”, “Kidnap Case”

Richard Diamond, Private Detective "The Martha Campbell Kidnap Case" July 26, 1950 NBC.
Richard Diamond, Private Detective in "The Fixed Fight Case"August 2, 1950 NBC.  Dick Powell, Ed Begley, Virginia Gregg
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January 30 2014

Two Richard Diamond, Private Detective 1949

Richard Diamond, Private Detective "Fred Sears Murder Case" 6-19-49 NBC Richard Diamond, Private Detective "The Tom Waxman Bombing Case" 6-26-49 NBC Dick Powell, Ed Begley, Virginia Gregg written by Blake Edwards
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January 24 2014

Crime Classics “Laura Fair” “Billy the Kid”

Crime Classics "The Incredible Trial of Laura D. Fair"   August 17, 1953  CBS

Crime Classics "Billy Bonny Bloodletter, AKA 'The Kid'" October 21, 1953  CBS
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January 17 2014

Crime Classics “Charles Drew, Sr.” and “Raschi” 1953

Crime Classics, "The Shrapnelled Body of Charles Drew, Sr." July 6, 1953  CBS

Crime Classics Episode 17 "Raschi Among the Crocodiles and the Prank He Played" November 4, 1953 CBS

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January 10 2014

Crime Classics Bathsheba Spooner John Hayes 1953 CBS

Crime Classics "The Crime of Bathsheba Spooner" 6-15-1953 CBS Crime Classics "John Hayes, His Head and How They Were Parted" 9-28-1953 CBS

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January 3 2014

The Ford Theater Carmen Jones Bizet and Hammerstein 1947

The Ford Theater "Carmen Jones" Georges Bizet, Oscar Hammerstein II 11-16-1947 NBC

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December 27 2013

Norman Corwin Christmas 1945 CBS Amos ‘n’ Andy 12-31-43

Columbia Presents Norman Corwin “The Plot to Overthrow Christmas” Christmas 1945 Amos ‘n’ Andy “New Year’s Show” 12-31-1943 NBC

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December 12 2013

Christmas Jack Benny and Dragnet

 The Jack Benny Show “Christmas Shopping”  12-21-1947 on NBC Dragnet “Christmas Jesus Statue Stolen” 12-22-1953 on NBC

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December 6 2013

Christmas Fibber McGee and Molly and The Six Shooter

Fibber McGee and Molly "Bon Ton Department Store" Jim Jordan and Marian Driscoll 12-05-1939 NBC The Six Shooter "Britt Ponset's Christmas Carol" James Stewart 12-20-1953 NBC

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November 28 2013

Elgin 7th Annual All-Star Thanksgiving Show 1948

Elgin 7th Annual All-Star Thanksgiving Show 11-25-48 Don Ameche, Mario Lanza, Garry Moore, Jimmy Durante, The Mills Brothers, Vera Vague, Andre Previn, Jack Benny, Frances Langford, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, The Bickersons, Red Skelton, Robert Ambruster, and Ken Carpenter.  11-25-1948 NBC

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November 22 2013

Thanksgiving Game The Great Gildersleeve and Life of Riley

The Great Gildersleeve "Thanksgiving Game" Harold Peary 11-27-1945 NBC The Life of Riley "Father in Law Trouble" William Bendix 11-19-1948 NBC

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November 15 2013

Thanksgiving Father Knows Best and The Abbott and Costello Show

Father Knows Best "Thanksgiving Show" Robert Young 11-23-1950 NBC The Abbott and Costello Show "Thanksgiving Day" 11-25-1943 NBC

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November 7 2013

Aldrich Family and Our Miss Brooks Thanksgiving

Aldrich Family 11-23-1952 NBC "Thanksgiving Turkey" Our Miss Brooks starring Eve Arden 11-19-1950 CBS

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November 1 2013

MGM Theater of the Air Anna Karenina 12-09-1949

MGM Theater of the Air "Anna Karenina" Marlene Dietrich 12-09-49

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October 24 2013

Halloween Mystery Show

Arch Oboler "The Dark" from LP Drop Dead! An Exercise in Horror 1962, Quiet Please "The Thing on the Fourble Board" Wyllis Cooper and Ernest Chappell 8-9-1948 Mutual Network, Suspense "The Hitchhiker" by Louise Fletcher starring Orson Wells 9-2-1942 CBS

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